A Reflection of My Time at Rad Sister

When I first met with Natalie and she explained the essence of Rad Sister, I knew this internship was for me. Natalie created this company with the foundation of many of the same values I hold. Feminism and sustainability are huge interests of mine, and a priority for Rad Sister, so I knew this was going to be a good fit for me. 

I also was very excited about the idea of working for a small business and having a 1:1 relationship with the CEO. I was always apprehensive about internships because I did not want to get lost in the shuffle. My fear was that working with a bigger company would mean more busy work and having little impact. But with Natalie and Rad Sister, I was able to do the exact opposite. Every task I was given, and everything I accomplished had a direct impact on the business. I created content, managed social media, did outreach research, wrote blog posts, and more. Natalie and I worked off of each other and came up with tasks together. One of my favorite things was the two different photoshoots. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, and I am no professional, but Natalie entrusted me with several different pieces of merch and gave me the freedom to shoot content. Additionally, I was able to turn the photos I took into social posts. 

Social media has always been a huge interest of mine because I have grown up right alongside it. I know what kinds of content work on each platform, as well as the content my generation connects the most with. I know the power it holds and I know how influential it can be for small businesses. This internship allowed me to see those influences from the point of view of the business itself. This internship gave me the opportunity to be creative and professional at the same time. I was trusted to create and manage content, right alongside research and outreach.

I genuinely would work for Rad Sister full time if I could. I have had the best time working on this internship with Natalie. She is so full of great ideas and is genuinely passionate about what she is doing. Additionally, she was always checking in with me to make sure I was still learning and getting the most out of the experience. This internship is something I will hold with me forever, as will all the life advice Natalie passed along.